Mounting ISO Images in Solaris vs. AIX

The reason for this document was because all I could find through Google for mounting an ISO image on AIX was the following document.  Using this method takes about an hour for a 500M ISO file.  After finding the loopmount command on AIX I figured I’d keep a location of methods for mounting ISO files on various Unix and Linux systems.

Create loopback device with lofiadm command, then mount as hsfs filesystem.
# lofiadm -a /var/tmp/image.iso
# mount -F hsfs /dev/lofi/1 /mnt

After use, umount and delete your loopback device
# umount /mnt
# lofiadm -d /dev/lofi/1

Mount ISO image as a cdrfs filesystem.
# loopmount -i image.iso -o “-V cdrfs -o ro” -m  /mnt

After use, umount the filesystem.
# umount /mnt

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